Five Keyword Research Steps not to Overlook to Create Better Content

Keyword research, the bread and butter of my trade. Everything, from SEO to content marketing to customer engagement, is hinging on finding and cornering the best and brightest keyword combinations within my little slice of the industry. So I am always looking for new ways I may have been missing that help me do that.

For the most part, you probably have the process down to an art. You know the steps, you are aware of how to use the data and have been doing it for long enough that you have watched the resulting benefits rolling in. If you need more tools, I did a solid round-up of Keyword Research Tools to Help Your Content Research and Brainstorming a few months ago.

But could you be skipping a couple of the more creative tactics in keyword research? I was for a time. Here are some to consider implementing (if you weren’t already).

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